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      "If you want a lawyer that will do everything to help you, Brian Pakett is the lawyer for you."

      If you want a lawyer that just thinks of you as a number, Brian isn’t your lawyer, if you want one that just wants money and not justice for you, Brian isn’t your lawyer. Brian is a lawyer that will work day and night and turn over every stone, just so he can find the truth and do all in his power to help you, he went above and beyond to help me. He found all the lies the other side said, he broke down all of the other sides defense and exposed them of their wrong doings, he listens to you not just the case but how you are, he even got his mother to help cheer you on in court, if you want a lawyer that will do everything to help you, Brian Pakett is the lawyer for you, he is the best!

      Kristoff M.
      "He is very patient and kind and explains things in layman's terms and tries to set your mind at ease when going through a difficult situation."

      I highly recommend Brian Pakett! He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and is always available to answer questions no matter what time of day! He is very patient and kind and explains things in layman's terms and tries to set your mind at ease when going through a difficult situation. Do yourself a favor and set up a consultation, trust me you will be glad that you did.

      Isis W.
      "All thanks to the nonstop work of Brian Todd Pakett, the best attorney there is, a legend."

      On this day, May 6th 2021, I can proudly say I am a free man. All thanks to the nonstop work of Brian Todd Pakett, the best attorney there is, a legend.
      No matter the situation, no matter the time he is always there, the level of respect this man has is out of this world. I would never have done this out him.

      Scott L.
      "Mr. Pakett was able to help me get the result I was looking for and was with me every step of the way."

      From the moment I called Mr. Pakett I knew I had found the right Attorney that would fight for me. Mr. Pakett was able to help me get the result I was looking for and was with me every step of the way. If your looking for a great attorney that will fight for you and be in your corner hire Mr. Pakett. Call him the moment something happens and get the ball rolling.

      "He is much more then just a lawyer, Mr. Pakett’s a great guy in general who actually cares, someone who fights for what’s right."

      If there’s a Best lawyer in the United States, it’s Bryan Pakett. He helped me threw everything every step of the way he was there for me everyday & went above and beyond. He is much more then just a lawyer, Mr. Pakett’s a great guy in general who actually cares, someone who fights for what’s right. And so I consider Bryan family if you need an attorney this is the guy you want to hire!!! Hands down best to ever do it!!!!!!!!!

      Yoppa F.
      "We were able to have all charges dropped/dismissed because of his hard work and his knowledge of the law."

      Brian is a brilliant man who is knowledgeable about the law and will walk you through anything that’s regarding your case. At times when I was feeling anxious, I would reach out to him (no matter the time of day or night) he would assure me that everything will be fine and he has it under control. To that point, he absolutely did have everything under control. He’s not only professional, he’s also personable so it doesn’t feel like you’re speaking to a robot who has generic sayings and phrases. I had a felony charge pending against me and we were able to have all charges dropped/dismissed because of his hard work and his knowledge of the law. Thank you, Brian.

      Shane R.
      "Brian worked endlessly to get to the real facts of the case and then helped me get the results I needed."

      Brian is an extremely responsible and honorable person. He is a great lawyer and was very respectable to my case with his word. Brian worked endlessly to get to the real facts of the case and then helped me get the results I needed and I am very thankful to have chosen him to be my criminal defense attorney. I will say he’s one of the only attorneys I’ve ever met that cares more about the client n the proper result then he does about his pocket and he was always available for me when I needed to talk to him. Thank you Brian Pakett you are a true gentleman and a exceptional lawyer.

      Joseph J.
      "My case was successfully dismissed."

      Brian took my case and handled it professionally and quickly. He reassured myself/Family and then made it happen. My case was successfully dismissed. I would highly recommend him for any legal issues. Thank you Brian.

      James J.
      "He was always upfront with everything, and he closed case quick with agreement."

      Brian is an outstanding attorney. I live out of state and had many questions and concerns. Not only did he listen to all of my questions and concerns, he explained all in detail for you to clearly understand. He was always upfront with everything, and he closed case quick with agreement. I would strongly recommend to have Brian to represent you in your matter as I always will!

      Jim M.
      "He was my guardian angel when I got in trouble."

      5 Stars doesn't even do any justice on how great of a Lawyer Brian Pakett is! He is attentive, kind & genuinely cares about his clients. He will give you the best advice always. No matter the dsy or time, he always picks up the phone at any given time. Even on a major holiday Christmas he will take time out to speak to you with patience. Very humble, extremely knowledgeable and just such an amazing human being. He will fight for you, help you out without a doubt. He was my guardian angel when I got in trouble.. he had my back to the max without even discussing payment before hand. I am forever grateful. I highly highly recommend Brian Packett he will go full force to protect you and defend you

      Angela G.
      "Gave 110% to my case. Highly recommend him :)"

      Brian was and is a very kind and caring person who gave 110% to my case. I really appreciated how he took the time to fully explain everything to me and was so patient with me and the little knowledge I had with my case. Highly recommend him :)

      Marie-Claire S.
      "Never had to worry when it came down to him handling my case."

      Brian is awesome and easy to work. Never had to worry when it came down to him handling my case. He’s the man!

      Treedy W.

      Brian is RELENTLESS, COMPASSIONATE, INTELLIGENT, WISE, and WITTY! He made my Mother feel human again as well being seen and heard and I really appreciate that he always made her feel like a top priority. Brian has made the most progress in my mother’s case than any other lawyer that has ever helped her and I truly believe he is worth every penny that we spent for his services. I would definitely recommend Brian to the world if I could!

      Rickya F.
      "Most effective and consistent"

      I have dealt with several attorneys over the past 10+ years and hands down Brian has been the most effective and consistent attorney I’ve had! He is very thorough, persistent and kept me informed throughout the entire process. Brian was able to resolve my 10+ year issue in a matter of 3 months. I am forever grateful to him for such an amazing job he has done so far!

      Jaquanda S.
      "Will fight for you"

      One hell of a great Attorney he has your back 100% And will fight for you in any situation. This guy is the real deal.πŸ’―

      Frederick C.
      "Best lawyer in Florida"

      Best lawyer in Florida. He took care of everything and I didn't worry about anything. And he communicated very well, I didn't have to call him about anything, he made sure that I am updated every step of the way.

      Sachoon B.
      "Knowledgeable and thorough"

      Brian is very knowledgeable and thorough. My experience with his law firm was top-tier. The staff was on top of every aspect of my case. I am truly thankful.

      Lauren T.

      Brian gots magic and don't know how much power he got but he's more than a attorney he's My power.

      Charles P.
      "Thank you for everything"

      I definitely want to thank you for everything that you do not only a great Attorney but also being a friend and an ear for me I appreciate you Brian …πŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏ

      Clifton J.
      "Extraordinary lawyer"

      Mr. Pakett is an extraordinary lawyer. He’s very detailed in his work & will always do the best on his clients behalf. He’s attentive & always responds quickly! Hire him if you want to win your case!!

      Lorena C.
      "10/10 recommend"

      Brian was AMAZING ! He handled my case with care and made sure I knew what was going On at all times , he is always a phone call away no matter what. He helped me beat my case with no issues and was very affordable! I 10/10 recommend him to anyone in FL

      Meraiah A.
      "Reliable and trustworthy"

      Mr pakett is a great defensive attorney . He’s great at what he does at first I dealt with defensive attorneys who would take my money & not do anything with my case but then I found out about him & within no more then 5-6 months he got me an good offer I couldn’t refuse to take he’s reliable and trustworthy & stays in contact with you 247 I highly recommend him πŸ’―

      Former Client
      "Caring and understanding"

      If you need an Attorney...I would highly recommend Brian Pakett! His staff is very professional and handle my calls well. Brian most definitely goes above and beyond for his clients caring and understanding. He stayed in full communication with me regarding my son case the entire time. He keeps it real regardless no shortcuts. Brian is very knowledgeable and demonstrates his profession effectively in the court room. He is the BEST in palm beach county. My family and I are so appreciative of his hard work and dedication.

      Kymi C.
      "goes above and beyond"

      If you are looking for someone reliable and trustworthy, I would recommend Brian Pakett as your representative. He was more affordable and reasonable than other attorneys I spent weeks researching. It has been a pleasure working with Brian as he goes above and beyond for his clients in which he treats like family. He answered every call and text even while he was out of town. Brian made sure I was comfortable and aware of every step along the way with clear communication. Thank you again Brian for making this process easier for me and my family.

      Michael M.
      "If I could rate any higher, I would."

      Brian Pakett is absolutely amazing. If I could rate any higher, I would. Extremely professional, always answers back and always provided updates moving forward. Very grateful to have worked with the best of the best! “Quit Cryin’ & Call Brian”

      Chris S.
      "He’s the man!"

      I was put in a situation by my husband of almost 20 years and blindsided with divorce papers and a hate I have never seen. He was denied a restraining order but I had to appear in court. Brian came highly recommended , and now I know why! He is prepared, slick, and commands the attention of the court room. Watching him defend me was better than Better Call Saul! He owns the courtroom and makes the opposing counsel stutter! He’s the man! I would trust him with my reputation and life. My case was dismissed in under 8 minutes! It’s nice to be protected by someone who knows and respects the law! I HIGHLY recommend you look no further. He gets the job done respectfully. Thank you Brian!

      "Extremely thorough"

      Brian Pakett has represented my business, friends and family for many years. He puts his all into everything and doesn’t stop until there is nothing left. He will tell you the good and the bad. He is aggressive in his approach and will get the job done. His assistant Victoria is an animal! She too gets the job done and the tasks at hand completed, flawlessly! He is great at defense and extremely thorough in his approach. If you ever need legal council, this is your last stop! Thank you for everything!

      Jonathan L.
      "Truly cares about you as a human being"

      After 16 years of very successful business ownership with my son I found myself being accused of several very serious alleged crimes. I was immediately referred to Mr. Pakett who within the hour was physically on our business property & in control of a very bad situation. My case was strung out for a grueling 5 years impacting every facet of my life personally & professionally leaving me without the business nor the ability to find employment. In my case evidence was unjustly withheld leaving the cards stacked heavily against us & me facing many years in prison leaving my wife & children behind for something I did not do. Despite all odds Mr. Pakett believed in my innocence & stood in defense of it. As a proud Veteran of this country I know what it means to fight & never give up. Mr. Pakett's never say die, bull shark fight is second to none! He is extremely well versed with the law, does not back down to anyone, is not afraid to fight for what's right, personally answers his phone every time it rings, does not accept plea bargains that are unreasonable that allows the other side to feel they are victorious & Mr. Pakett is not afraid of anyone or anything. Mr. Pakett's courtroom demeanor is a direct, no BS approach outthinking his opponents every step of the way. His case preparation is meticulous & leaves no stone uncovered & although the governments overreach against me would have left any other attorney looking for an easy plea out Mr. Pakett at great substitution to his family & holiday season worked tirelessly around the clock discovering evidence in the most obscure places to support my innocence despite the very evident attempt for the government to withhold it from me. I'm able to write this review today because Mr. Pakett took a personal interest in my case to challenge the legal system, hold them accountable for the erroneous charges & protect my family & I. Should you ever find yourself in need of a criminal attorney who feeds off of protecting the rights of the innocent, is interested in the win not the plea, will fight despite all odds stacked against you & truly cares about you as a human being then there is no better than Mr. Pakett!

      Tom L.
      "Rated 5 Stars for a reason"

      Brian is rated 5 Stars for a reason. I won't get into details but I got myself into a predicament that would have jeopardized me joining the service. Being in my mid 30's it will be hard enough without having to deal with any criminal convictions or a waiver that would be required to join. Extremely satisfied with the outcome of our case and very much appreciated Mr. Pakett. Very professional, knowledgeable and responsive to calls/texts at any time of the day. Originally I had NO idea on who to represent me but I am glad I went off of word-of-mouth/reading his reviews/& a quick meeting with him at his office downtown. Thank you Brian Pakett!

      Corey N.
      "Nice, professional and knowledgeable"

      I would give you 10000 stars if I could!! Brian is nice, professional and knowledgeable. He was communicative the whole time. Never once I felt on edge or uncertain with him. Great service truly!!! Don't overthink it and hire Brian. It was worth every penny.

      Camila C.
      "Thanks Brian for saving my life!"

      Brian is the MAN! I had 3 felony drug charges...lawyer I had before him had gotten me a plea offer for 2 years probation, I wasn't ready for that! After being referred to Brian from a mutual friend of ours, I went over my situation with him retained him and within 2 weeks resolved my case with time served and pleading down to one single misdemeanor charge, no probation! God forbid you find yourself in need of a Criminal defense attorney...dont hesitate to trust this man with your life as he will come through for sure.....thanks Brian for saving my life!

      Neil Z.
      "Worked with me through every step"

      Brian worked with me through every step, and did all he could to get the best results on my case. Thank you again Brian.

      Wilfredo R.
      "He is simply the BEST"

      Brian Pakett is the BEST attorney in Palm Beach county. He's professional, efficient and his experience shows. He's always fair with the client and does his job to perfection. He is simply the BEST..

      Mered C.
      "Extremely knowledgeable, kept in constant contact, answered every question"

      Excellent law firm. Brian and his staff we’re extremely knowledgeable, kept in constant contact, answered every question. Mr. Pakett was able to quickly resolve the issues in and extremely favorable manner. He listened to every concern and hand took care of everything. I felt like I was given personal attention and was made to feel like he really cared about me and my outcome. I felt Brian went above and beyond what any attorney would be expected to do. I am extremely satisfied with my outcome , and should I ever need legal counsel again, I am calling Pakett!πŸ˜ƒ

      John W.
      "Knowledgeable and understanding"

      Brian treats everyone with kindness and respect. He's Very knowledgeable and understanding of your needs. Strongly recommend him.

      Zoraida C.
      "Awesome experience."

      Brian, was amazing easy to get a hold of, got 3 felony’s taken off my record, with no community service needed.Awesome experience.

      Shmuel C.

      Brian, and his firm, are BEST IN CLASS. They are dedicated, vigilant and compassionate. Most of all, they keep you up to date with your matter in a timely manner and explain what can be a complicated legal process in terms non-attorneys can understand.

      Craig S.
      "Fantastic Experience"

      Fantastic Experience A very professional and Honest lawyer, his transparency is very rare to find these days. Will definitely recommend him to friends and relatives, he won my case.

      Giuliano S.
      "He made a stressful situation much easier"

      Brian is an amazing attorney! He is directly engaged with me and has been highly responsive in all text and email communications. Brian has certainly put my mind at ease on numerous occasions. He made a stressful situation much easier. I’d use him again in a heartbeat and highly recommend him!! Thanks Brian!

      Bethany S.
      "Highly recommend!!"

      Brian, has been extremely helpful from the first time I called him. He is straight to the point (for myself anyway). He is very upbeat and cares about his Clients!! Highly recommend!!

      Tami S.
      "Consistent communication, commitment and genuine human interest"

      Brian got me through one of the scariest and most uncertain times in my life. His consistent communication, commitment and genuine human interest are what put him in a category all of his own. You'll never walk away from him with confusion or unanswered questions. He makes himself available to you if you have questions later, you don't have to chase him for updates or answers. Although he was busy and no doubt had other clients, you'd never know. He never needed to be reminded of details, he was always overly prepared. He doesn't look at people as files, he looks at people as people. He is not in it for just the win, although he's sharp and arrives ready to own a court room. He genuinely takes an interest in the person he is representing and will commit himself to you, not the file. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his services.

      Ashley F.
      "We appreciate EVERYTHING"

      Brian is a top notch attorney & secured a "better than expected" outcome! My family and I appreciated his honest approach, thorough representation, and responsiveness to our questions during my Court process. We appreciate EVERYTHING he did to resolve my case - THANK YOU Brian!!

      Cameron W.
      "Very professional and highly effective"

      I have to say that Mr. Pakett is overall a very professional and highly effective at what he does. Some time ago I was pulled over and charged with a DUI after refusing to submit to a breathalyzer. Initially I hired the first attorney that contacted me (Franklin Prince esq.), who turned out to be as condescending and belligerent as he is ignorant about the law. After Franklin Prince esq. suggested that I accept a plea of guilty, with the maximum penalty, I contacted Mr. Pakett for his help. To make a long story short, after Franklin Prince esq. wasted 2 years trying to get me to plead guilty and yelling at me, Mr. Pakett had the charges dismissed within 3 weeks. I can’t recommend Mr. Pakett enough when it comes to a DUI defense.

      Jade T.
      "Excellent attorney!"

      Mr. Pakett is an excellent attorney! He responds to my concerns immediately, and compassionately. He gave me hope and calmed my fears. I will go to him for all if my legal needs and will send anyone I know who needs legal advice to him. I can not thank him enough.

      Ryan M.
      "He is the man you NEED"

      If there was a picture in the dictionary next to the word ELITE it would be of Brian. He is definitely the most professional and personable lawyer I've ever met. I can't begin to explain how much I appreciate him. Not only does he know his stuff, but he also knows how to get it done in the most expedient manner. If anyone is looking for a lawyer to defend them he is the man you NEED. Thank you so much Brian. You are that guy

      Jay E.
      "Brian exceeded my expectations!"

      BRIAN PAKETT was prompt, courteous, and professional in the service he provided. Brian exceeded my expectations! Highly recommend him.

      James K.
      "Brian is an amazing, knowledgeable, straight to the point attorney."

      Brian is an amazing, knowledgeable, straight to the point attorney. He has gotten the best deal on every case I’ve witnessed. Even avoiding jail time for a friend of mine. He’s definitely my family’s go to lawyer!!

      Kayla C.