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Brian Pakett relocates criminal law practice to West Palm Beach, Florida
January, 2017

If you ask him, he will tell you he was trained and worked along side the "best team of criminal defense attorneys in the country." After 10 years practicing with the Law Offices of Murray Richman located in Bronx, NY and working with famed criminal attorneys Murray Richman, Stacey Richman, Renee Hill and Jeff Chartier, Brian Pakett made the difficult decision to leave their practice and open his own firm in South Florida. The Law Office of Brian T. Pakett officially opened its doors in downtown West Palm Beach on April 7, 2016. Despite his move, Mr. Pakett maintains strong professional and personal affiliation with Murray and his partners, and cherishes the continued source of knowledge, skill and expertise their friendship provides.

A life long New Yorker, Mr. Pakett's ties to Florida began in law school when he met his now wife, a native Floridian. His wife, also an attorney, was born and raised in Palm Beach Gardens and, through their relationship, Mr. Pakett spent over a decade vacationing in South Florida creating a large network of colleagues, friends, judges and attorneys priming himself for his eventual move. Mr. Pakett was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2014 and maintains his New York and New Jersey Bar licenses, often traveling to New York to work on criminal defense matters.

When asked about the transition from New York to Florida, Mr. Pakett responded; "Of course there are many things about New York and the New York side of the practice that I miss greatly. I was appearing for and representing clients like DMX, Ja Rule, and other rappers and performers; high ranking alleged organized crime figures; politicians and other celebrities. Now I have started from scratch and am building my practice from the ground up. It is humbling but also very exciting." Mr. Pakett continued; "I will forever remain close with my New York colleagues and clients who helped mold me into the attorney I am today, but I am excited to continue my passion and represent and assist all individuals charged with crimes her in Florida."

Since opening his doors in April, Mr. Pakett has hit the ground running already handling numerous cases all over South Florida including Martin, Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. "From the sugar fields of Belle Glade to the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic - what's not to love about practicing in Paradise" Mr. Pakett says with a smile referencing his new life as a Florida Criminal Defense Attorney.


Brian Pakett was admitted to the US Supreme Court in Washingtion DC
April 7, 2014

On April 7, 2014, Brian Pakett was admitted to the bar of United States Supreme Court, the highest and most prestigious court in the United States. Brian took the oath and was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts before eight of the nine active Supreme Court Justices. Directly following the swearing in admission ceremony, Brian and his colleagues had an opportunity to speak with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. While the meeting was short, Justice Ginsberg shared some of her experiences as a Supreme Court Justice and discussed what it was like as a female student studying at the predominantly male Harvard Law School. Brian was happy and honored to be inducted with his colleagues and friends, Stacey Richman, Renee C. Hill and Jeffrey Chartier. Even more special was that Brian's mentor, Murray Richman, accompanied Stacey, Renee, Jeff and him to the swearing in ceremony and was on hand when all took the oath of the Supreme Court of the United States.

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Brian Pakett Co-hosts "Don't Worry Murray" Radio Show on WVOX
August 28, 2013

Murray Richman and Brian Pakett discuss "Stop and Frisk", the percentages of successful appeals, overcrowding of jails, and more.

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Brian Pakett Co-hosts "Don't Worry Murray" Radio Show on WVOX
July 24, 2013

Jeff and Brian discuss The Anthony Weiner Saga and whether this is a reflection on the politicians of today or rather a reflection on technology and today's social media culture

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Brian Pakett and Murray Richman defended Mark Brener, the alleged founder of the infamous "Emperor's Club", the high profile and high end prostitution ring which led to the ultimate downfall of Eliot Spitzer.

Acknowledged thanked and mentioned in: "Rough Justice: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer," authored by Fortune Magazine writer Peter Elkind

Brian Pakett Co-hosts "Don't Worry Murray" Radio Show on WVOX
May 15, 2013

Brian and Jeff discuss DWI and the push to change the law to lower the current .08 legal breath limit in New York state. Is it a crime to consume and drive or be intoxicated and drive? Brian and Jeff discuss.

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"Il Libro Di Amanda Potrebbe Danneggiarla" La Stampa
May 1, 2013

"Brian Pakett, avvocato internazionale di base a New York, e membro della «Criminal Law Society», la pubblicazione del libro di Amanda Knox potrebbe influenzare la sua posizione giudiziaria dell’imputata?" Read More »

East Village Tattoo Artist to the Stars, Jonathan Shaw, in Possession Arsenal of Weapons

Mentioned in, NY Daily News, Daily Mail, Star Tribune

Shawn Mcaleese Sentenced to 56 Years in Prison for Tunneling into and Burglarizing Restaurants

Mentioned in NY Daily News,, Irish Central, The New York Times

"Modern Mobsters Still Follow Dad Into The Mafia" Aol News February 5, 2011

"The FBI alleges that the father and son have ties to the Lucchese crime family in New York, something defense attorney Brian Todd Pakett told AOL News is totally unsubstantiated." Read More »



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